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"Avigail Gurtler Har-Tuv sang exquisitely... With effervescent charisma, engaging in the role’s technical demands with flare"

- Pamela Hickman's Concert Critique Blog

"Gurtler Har-Tuv made for a delightful and endearing Sylvie. Served well by her high energy and bright, focused lyric soprano, she contended splendidly with the musical and theatrical demands of the role, as she gave charm, whimsy and vivaciousness to the sweep of emotions Sylvie undergoes within the course of the opera. One of the most challenging aspects of this opera is its spoken French text, and there is plenty of it! No meagre challenge for non-native French speakers; all made an admirable effort, with Gurtler Har-Tuv emerging with flying colours."

- Pamela Hickman's Concert Critique Blog, 2019

"Soprano Avigail Gurtler's delightful, stable vocal performance glittering with a touch of ornamentation pleased the audience"

- Pamela Hickman's Concert Critique Blog, 2010

"The opera opened with the released singing of wonderful soprano Avigail Gurtler Har-Tuv as Adina. Beyond the dreamy lyricism of her singing, she captivated the audience with the gracefulness of her coquettish acting talent. As she ascended into glorious head voice, the audience skipped a beat. Most importantly, she indeed sang in Bel Canto style, as required. In her acting she managed to portray both the hurt of a woman offended by a drunken Nemorino as well as her hidden love towards him."

- Orna Lenger, Megafon-News, 2020

“Avigail Gurtler Har-Tuv as Adina ... sang exquisitely, imbuing the character with effervescent charisma, engaging in the role’s technical demands with flare, boldly scaling its wide diapason as well as its emotional content."

- Pamela Hickman's Concert Critique Blog, 2020

“We heard sparkling soloists lead by Avigail Gurtler ... One's ears never tire of listening to her"

- Haggai Hitron, Ha'aretz, 2009

“I would be remiss if I did not mention Avigail Gurtler's excellence in the two dizzying arias of the Queen of the Night"

- Haggai Hitron, Ha'aretz, 2019

“The Queen of the Night sung by Avigail Gurtler Har-Tuv is an impressive character. Dangling from the ceiling, seated on her thrown and portraying a virtuosic voice fitting her dramatic, over the top personality, while still allowing the secondary characters to express themselves"

- Timora Lessinger, Globes, 2019

“Soprano Avigail Gurtler Har-Tuv plays the scantily-clothed Madame Herz; here, the young opera singer’s creamy soprano timbre and already secure coloratura merge comfortably with her waggish penchant for comedy as she sails effortlessly through registers of her voice in delightful solo and ensemble singing."

- Pamela Hickman's Concert Critique Blog, 2017

“Soprano Avigail Gurtler took on every bit of the character of Adele, the Eisensteins’ flighty and coquettish maid. She makes good use of facial expression and body language and has a real feel for comedy. Her voice is agile, her intonation good and she flits through her high register with ease, hitting high notes with clarity."

- Pamela Hickman's Concert Critique Blog, 2011

“Avigail Gurtler Har-Tuv's stage personality and coloratura added flair to the performance"

- Pamela Hickman's Concert Critique Blog, 2017

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